Apple’s 40 Billion Dollar Quarter – Steve would be happy

Apple is on a roll. In their last earnings call Peter Oppenheimerthe Apple CFO projected

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“Looking ahead to the first fiscal quarter of 2012, which will span 14 weeks rather than 13, we expect revenue of about $37 billion and we expect diluted earnings per share of about $9.30.”

By any means, it is a blowout. But one more thing…Apple is known to downplay its guidance and beat it comprehensively. Hence as the best tech blogger  and the best Apple analyst at present, Horace Dediu are predicting, it would be a small wonder if Apple easily crosses USD 40 billion and some. Infact, Dediu is predicting USD 44.6 Billion and I am willing to bet on that.

Apart from this comprehensive analysis I think there are 2 more Apple megatrends which people are failing to see

1. The interest to be an Apple/iOS developer is immense. Not just iOS, but Mac App Store downloads have just crossed 100 million in just a year. And do you know what computers iOS/Mac get built on? Surprise, you need Macs to build them. Therefore I see an extra leg up in Mac sales which should surprise on the upside

2. To be an Apple developer the fees for Mac and iOS is USD 99 per year for each. I am pretty sure this will seriously start adding up.

So if you are short Apple, then you should be concerned. I wish I could buy Apple sitting in India, but our regulations and our depreciated currency is not helping us.

A USD 40 billion quarter would be a great tribute to Steve Jobs, and a fitting reply to his one time critics. Howzzat Mr Dell?

Here is my tribute to Steve Jobs at the NewGenApps blog



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